Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tips On: Adding Cute Dotted Writings On Photos^!

Lately having craze for mini succulent planters and cactus x>. I made cactus illustration for my this project just for fun display :>. Today i will sharing tips on how i made this cute dotted writing on my cacti photo:D.


#1 In order to get cute dotted writing like above, first thing
you need to do is add some thin writing on your photo like this.
And add 2 space gap between each alphabet like i did below.


#2  When you are done adding writing. Then Magnify your picture
and using "draw tool", choose right brush size, 
bit by bit add dots on alphabets x>.


Your cute dotted writing is ready :>.

By the way you can purchase this cute succulent pot
from my page here.

It comes with cute matching birthday card
and hot pink heart customizable tag.


Hope you liked my this post,
Until next time,

Take Care


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