Sunday, September 14, 2014

Golden Bow Hair Accessory^!

I'm crazy about bows x>. I find them the most fun accessories to wear, to roam around with. I've made dozens of bow products in last 2 years. Each one of them are special. They all have an inspiration behind them^. I select my own fabric, packaging design and the final look for snapshots myself. I will be sharing new bow products from time to time.

You can shop for my golden bow here.


For my this bow my main inspiration comes from Cleo De Nile,
from Monster High. I love her style, the way she uses bits of gold in her 


My gold bow is made from fine golden fabric. I love how
gold contrasts so well with pink.^ I decided to take 
some fun shots wearing this bow.


Packaging for my gold bow is inspired by cleopatra & Cleo De Nile both.
I made this illustration myself^.


I had fun sharing my gold bow hair accessory & inspiration. Whenever you are making something make sure , you are very clear about the final look of your product. I'd recommend you to sketch some inspirations first and then go construct them x>. As for my Gold Bow you can purchase it from my page.

Hope to inspire you^,
Until next time,


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