Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mustache Mugs (Only Available On Custom Order)

I love mustaches. Whether they are on boxes, shirts, worn as jewelry or MUGS. I've received a lot of orders for mustache gift mugs from time to time. They are so much fun to make. Today i will share collection of my mustache mugs which have sold out (but you can still place custom order for them here). 

#1 Mr. Mustache Mug:

For this mug i decided to make white box with neon filling inside &
cute white tag with "Mr." written on it. Neon yellow yarn used for final packaging.^


 #2 I "mustache" you (Orange version):

This can be gifted to your boyfriend on his birthday x> It comes in golden
box with cute orange customizable mustache tag.


#3 Valentines Day Special Mustache Mug:

This mustache mug comes in painted box and is filled
with chocolates & diamond shape tag.


#4 For Your Dad's Birthday:

Can be customizable according to desired color and design^


Here is another version of it x>, cute right?^


#5  I Mustache You (Pink Version):

My gift mugs are fun and washable. You can have tea in it everyday
and the design won't come off.  ^


Tips For Using My Gift Mugs:

#1 Do not microwave them with tea or milk.
#2 Designs are washable but DO NOT rub the designs harshly using rough surface.
#3 DO NOT resale my mugs please.


How To Place Mug Order?:

You can Print this out or save with you for your guidance^


What you will get with Gif mug?

#1 Custom Design of your choice with colors on mug
#2 Custom Mug Gift Box 
#3 Custom Gift Box Props
#4 Custom Gift Tag

For placing order kindly message me here.

Thanks for letting me share my adorable mustache gift mugs. Next time I will be sharing,
some more new products x>.

Until next time,


Email me at : saoirsechic@


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