Saturday, September 13, 2014

Diamond And Gem Luggage Tags !

For sometime I really lost my mojo to blog about fun things i'm making these days, apologies again x>. But today I finally decided to stood up, motivate myself to share my diamond and gem tags with you. I'm obsessed by diamonds and gems lately.^. You'll be getting to see a lot of diamonds in my coming products.

 Diamond & Gem Luggage Tags:

I wanted to make these for so long time, finally made them.
Made from hard sheet fabric, I hand painted on them^.


Back side of luggage tags I added "xo", just for fun & to give
back some love to my customer.


Above is demonstration of how you can attach these luggage tags and carry it with
you on trips.^ Big bags and suitcases are fun much.
You can purchase these luggage tags from here.
You can also place order for parrot green version of these x>.

I'm going to add tons of more fun products that are still under process, by the way you can follow me on instagram: saoirsechic.Just for fun I add lots of cool things & inspirations there check it out.^

Until tomorrow,


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