Monday, September 15, 2014

Pretty Cute Ear tops^!

Today i'm gonna be sharing my fun packaging for cute ear tops that i'm selling here. The whole process of making these was so much fun. The finish look of my saoirse illustration was satisfying. As i painted these with black acrylic paint. Some new ear tops came in stock, so decided to make fun packaging of these^.

You can buy these ear tops from here.


First I painted my illustration on white x>. Result came out quite cute.


Next I painted these on yellow paper x>.
And even got paper cut from it. When using fresh paper,
be very careful, it tend to be sharp as blade^.


I was not sure after completion of  my illustrations,
that how i'm going to use them as "packaging". When an
idea just popped in my head, why not make saoirse wear these
cute ear tops which are for sale?^.


Very happy with my illustration packaging.
What do you think?^

I would love to know from you all what you think about my products. If you have some ideas or need some help and tips in designing something? send me an email at: x>. I will be happy to help you & share some fun ideas that might help you break that "creativity block" x>.

Until next time,



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