Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tips On: Emotional Extremism!

I don't know about you, but just like many artists, I struggle finding balance between my emotions. Mostly artists tend to be extremist. We hate and love both from our hearts with a level of extremism. There is no inbetween way. This can be quite problematic at times, especially when you get stung by someone's venomous words or get yourself betrayed, whatever work you're doing gets affected in a same way like your soul/heart has. So how to deal with being emotional person and still get your work done?.It's hardly been 2 years since i started designing, I have long way to go. But still, these two years have taught me big lessons. There are few things i've learned for controlling my extreme emotions which has helped me, today i'll share these with you:

#1 Don't Ever Stop Creating:

No matter what you're going through, whether you're depressed or in a bad mood, you still have to go on creating, you still have to continue doing what you know the best. Life and time will move on, you don't get the option to stop at one moment and start on the next. When you're an artist, you need to struggle
every single day, every single second, to succeed. Otherwise you won't. Life at times don't give you the luxury to even be emotional.Get all your work done first and then be as much emotional as you want to feel. At least this way you won't feel guilty later that you have wasted time whining instead of actually creating something.

#2 Put Your Dreams On Top Of Your Emotions:

One Thing time did taught me is this, you need to put your dreams, your passion, your work on top of your emotions to succeed. Kicking emotions down,  boosting your ego and self esteem will one day make you successful in what you want the most. So do this: Next time emotions or depression start bothering you, just pick up your paint brush, camera, sketchbook, scissors and start creating. Trust me, instead of crying over spilt milk creating something might actually help you in positive way^.

#3 Convert Your Negative Emotions Into Art:

As much as painful and hard it might be doing this, but the process of converting your negative energy, into some form of art might infact help you feel proud of yourself later. An instant level of empowerment you can receive by doing this. I know, can understand how many talented artists in this world get ruined just because of their emotions. These negative emotions can come in your way of success and screw up your work, your time and mental peace of mind as well. So push off those bad feelings and start creating instead of feeling down.

So after applying these tips i give above what will you achieve? You will be creating art even in your most emotional times, over coming your sadness and this feeling would be far more empowering than your feelings of hurt or depression. You should all know that you are a rockstar at what you know how to do best. And without further adieu, now go create something and feel proud of yourself.^

I hope this will help you in some way,
Thanks for reading my tips,

Until next time,
Take Care,



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