Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pretty Golden Bow Tie!

During past few days I was trying to gain back my stamina for whole "writing" thing, as i'm already writing non stop on my university report. It's becoming overwhelming to write anything else. But today I was recalling the time back when I was 17 years old (in '06). I newly started using internet. I found out this website called remember how much crazy I was about "writing" my daily life. Writing in my diaries, journals some fun incidents, using crazy vocab was my only passionate hobby. I would never get tired and kept on writing even till 2010, until early 2011, my passion started drying out!. I just lost that craze of keeping diary to note down my daily incidents. To me what felt more important to do was just to take pictures, make memories.and forget about the written excerpts.The only reason I would love to write, back then was to have a diary to look back at by the time i'll be 60 and laugh at how crazy I was (lol). This was my only purpose. This innocent passion just died somehow by 2011 when more materialistic reasons started to get involved with my passions. Now when I recall that time, I feel i would love to become like that again, fearless in terms of passion and my dreams.

I've decided to only blog and write for sharing my ideas, my thoughts and lovely hand made things that I make^. I want to be honest to my new readers and everyone who will read my blog eventually, so i'm going to start sharing my personal fun incidents, moments along with some crazy things that i've noted down in my teenager diary :>. I just want to enjoy my writing process while blogging as much as you'll enjoy reading it^.

Last time I shared golden hair bow,
today i'll share my golden bow tie and how I took it's pictures^.
You can purchase this golden bow tie from right here.


I love gold, so decided to make golden fabric bow tie.^
It was fun, just like any fabric bow I had to stitch it using
sewing machine.


For picturing it, my whole idea was to give a vintage a look 
for presenting this bowtie. So i added photo effects using
And hung up that vintage frame next to it.^


I further added white stars on my photo, starting from
top left side corner till bottom. I wanted it to look like
as if they are falling downwards like snow ;>.I love stars by the 


My final bowtie appears like this ^.
Gorgeous aint it?;>. You like my photo editing here?.
You can check out tips on posing and portraits  for this photo which
i have given and for more tips check out
photo ideas right here.


I'm sharing bit by bit but making sure that I am also enjoying the writing process
while blogging ;>.
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Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and ideas,
Until next time,
Take Care,



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