Saturday, October 25, 2014

Inspirations#5: "Hot Pink Edition"

I have organized plenty of "inspiration" editions for you all. I'm loving these inspirations so far as i will be adding not only fun ideas and my inspos but also some bits of my own snaps ^). Today's inspiration edition includes everything "hot pink". Safe to say i'm a pink lady. As a kid, I owned a pink fridge, pink swing in my garden and pink roller skates.^ Still my craze for pink did not go, even at age 25, i'd love to own 80% stuff in pink :^.

#1 Butterfly Hair Pin:

I love this hair pin it looks like a real
Butterfly.I often wear this cutesie for
unique shots.^


And yes I own this butterfly hair pin.
If it's still available you can check it
out from Forever21^.


#2 Fairy Tale Silhouttes:

I love this idea for framing fairytale
characters^. A sweet way
for making wall art.


#3 Doodle Art Book:

This book is beyond awesome for
taking up some inspirations.
Every page has something to be
inspired about. It's available at for purchase.


#4 Pretty Oscar Dress:

This is one hot dress. For prom night
or any evening function.


And I own a similar version of
this dress^. If not same, it just
reminded me of the above dress.


#5 Everything Pink:

A good idea to own pink cellphone,
Ipod, pen, diary and even
cushion cover.
This snap is a perfect inspo for "Girly Barbie Types"^.


#6 Lingerie:

Honestly speaking I loved the hotpink
silk fabric used in this lingerie^.
I have never owned any lingerie in my


#7 Lip Scrub:

Rather than wasting so much money
on these lip scrubs. Make your own lip
scrub by adding brown sugar, honey and lemon in small balm container.
Use it everynight before sleep^, for smooth lips.


#8 Pretty Quote:

Loved the typo done here. 
This can be framed too ^?.


#9 Hot Pink Jug Handles:

Instead of spraying whole jug or
your crockery. Simply spray just the
handles and top. Final result looks


#10 Avril Lavigne:

Hot pink streak, a diamantee bolt
sign on teeshirt and liquorice eye 
makeup. These all going so well
together loved♥^


Hope you enjoyed today's edition^,
These series will continue IA.

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I will be back again with another
exciting post,
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