Friday, October 10, 2014

My New Cats^!

A few days ago I give ad on my instagram and facebook in search for European shorthair cat^. After I lost my cat mishu me 5 months ago, I immediately felt a need to have another cat for myself. I am a cat lady and cats are my weakness. I love them so much!.^ Especially european shorthairs, I find them the most adorable breed in cats. My friend decided to give me her two kittens and I was happy to take them. But the real problem incurred when I had to take care of them. Since they are indoor cats and I would like to keep them indoors, I don't want to lose them like I lost my cat mishu me by keeping them outdoor. I never knew that it would be so hard to manage them as they both are very naughty and annoying too at times. My room is a full studio, full of craft products, wires of printer, pc and dozens of chargers including of my two cellphones and digicam. Both these kittens keep on jumping around and chewing my important wires, scratching mattress, shedding to torns. And yes they pee too on my mattress although they are potty trained but I never knew having a dream to own indoor cats would get so nerve wrecking.

"No doubt they are adorable^"

Its hardly been a day since I have them, they grew so attached to me
already, but I feel, I can't handle them anymore. It was so hard for me to accept this,
because every time I looked at their innocent faces and i couldn't imagine
giving them away.


"That's my cat mishu me I lost her few months back.
My both new kitties remind me of her."

I already talked in detail about how dreadful it was
losing my cat here, along with my cat nips series.


"Bathed and powdered them. All pretty and 
cute both of them."

As much as hard it was for me to let go of  these,
I knew inside I can't take care of them,
with my growing business, studies, orders
and job. I decided to call back my friend and give these
back to someone who could take their responsibility.


"Both kitties enjoying milk"^

It's sad I can't have these kitties,
Buh i'm happy too, they will go to someone who can really
look after them.^


I might take some fun snaps with my kitties before they go,
because I really love them ^. If you went through a similar "cat tale"
experience ever then please share under comments here, I would like
to know i'm not alone in this^!


Thanks for letting me share my new kitties tale,
Until next time,
Take Care,



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