Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pom Pom Hair Band!

Hey ya fellas ^! I'm back again with another interesting fun head wear accessory that I made and it got sold. Few months ago I came across yarn "pom pom" idea. They seemed quite easy to make, but believe me when I started making my very first versions, they sucked big time. I saw gazillions of diy pom pom tutorials, but could not crack the code of how to cut them exactly "Round". It was so damn nerve wrecking the whole process of figuring out, i kept on failing every time. But still, I couldn't just give up like that, I had so many cool jewelry and accessory ideas coming in my head using pom poms.So after a week of cutting dozens of pom poms, I finally cracked the code. None of the tutorials found online will ever tell you how to cut a pom pom round. But let me share today to help you save from all the fuss that I went through "figuring out"-it's simple, you just trim a pom pom like a "bush", like as if you giving someone a haircut^.

Pom Pom hairband-You can place similar order
for this one from my page here


Making pom pom hair band was fun,
I wanted to make it look really unique and not like
a "typical" hairband. So, I made different sizes of pom poms,
stitched them one by one on hairband^.


My pom pom hair band was shot with other accessories
in my spring collection 2014^, which included:

*Pom Pom Hairband
*Pom Pom Ring
*Neon Metallic Bangles
*Spring Gift Basket
*Yarn Mug Cover
*Love Dove Hand Made Cards^


As you've guessed my next product post will be:
Pom Pom Ring :>.

Hope you enjoyed my mini post ^,
Thanks for letting me share.

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