Saturday, November 8, 2014

Peek Into My materials I use For..

My blog views are 1908 and seriously thank you all, even though i'm such a lousy at updates, I hardly even post but still you all are checking out my stuff that shows I might be making something you might like ?^. Excuses, excuses and excuses, my head's getting bigger as all these ideas are exploding in my head for blog posts. Owh, no more excuses I should make time for sharing art for the name of love. As much as lousy I might seem in updates here, but trust me I aint anything like that in real. I work all day making hand made things and still at end of the day I feel unsatisfied. It's like this hunger in me for "Creating" never decreases but it keeps on craving for more. I'm a King of collection of materials for my crafts. I'm crazy for anything starting from paint to felt and fabrics. Today i'm going to give you peek into my favorite materials I use for creating lovely products that you see here and at my page.

I love pentel's poster paints they rock. Acrylics are my favorite too.
The most commonly used materials in my collections tend to be,
felt and foamic sheet. I love cutting these  two mediums and having fun
with making crazy things out of them.

The most commonly used material  tends to be white in color. Which
includes white mugs, fabric and painting canvas. I also love 
experimenting with yarn and glitter. They are super amazing.

Mugs are my precious in my material collection. I love
painting them with different mediums. I also love
glitter pens, water color markers and acrylic paints(My ma
gifted me these long time ago).

Thanks for Checking out my favorite materials,
Until next time,
Take Care,

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