Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vintage Frame and Edit^!

As you might have noticed I'm blogging now "everyday" yes^!.It took me quite long time to figure out to stop being so damn lazy. Well, lazy aint a very much suitable word for here. But the guilt which came along for not being "regular"and plain barging into being pathetic with updates was even worse. Eventually all my ideas started haunting me as they grew more and more bigger, as my sketchbook started filling up with more little doodles of what I want to make and what I have planned to do. I took sometime to gather my succumb thoughts and crazy tactics. Very soon I realized a plain simple formula that I came up with:

Unless You really ACT upon them"

This must be daunting to you, but trust me, it's exactly how the "success" works. Like say, how many people you see at pinterest who would pin thousands of "ideas" and then actually really "ACT" upon those ideas as well?^. Not even 2%!. The ideas and Diy's get pinned, never to look back to again. That's a similar story of mine. You all are so talented I know, then why waste such a talent?. Utilize and make use of what's in your head and just GET IT OUT Asap!.

Anyway now let's come to juicy part, today I'm going to share my vintage frame product and how I edited my Promo picture for this product check below:

It's done in three simple steps:

Step#1: Outline your image with white brush line and then 
using magic tool in adobe photo shop remove unwanted background.

Step#2: Delete your image background by unlocking your photo"layer",
once it will become transparent, save your image on ".PNG" format.

Step#3: Add your photo to Layer#2 (which can be any background) using adobe photo shop.
Then add text using I love using this free editing site, as
it tends to have some of the most amazing fonts.


Voila, your promo photo is ready :D!

You can purchase this vintage frame with print from my page here.

Redbubble Shop: SaoirseChic (For buying my cool Artwork products and prints)

Kaymu Shop: Style At Foot Step (For Buying all my hand made goods)

Facebook: Style At Foot Step (Professional face book page for placing custom orders)

Instagram: Saoirse Chic (I update it three times a day^)

Pinterest : Saoirse Chic (Has lots of fun pins)


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