Friday, November 14, 2014

Inspirations: "Black and White Edition"

I collected some fun black and white inspirations for you to check out :^. These days i'm having alot of busy times endlessly working on hand made products.

Love this quote in elsie's
laundry room^


Need to try this thick hair
flick;^ and her black attire
plus eye makeup is hot.


Love transulucent shades,
So pretty.


This hot black jacket
is wow.


Cardboard boxes for organizing?^
So so pretty!

These journals are hilarious,
You write your negative
feelings in black one and
all your happy times
in white journal.


I have shiny version of
this nail paint. It's awesome!^


These tips wear them on
your sleeve, if you want
to succeed.


This iron on skull patch
is so rad ^.


My online shop had similar
iron on skull patch too,
Which got sold off^


These pencils in white....

& black too ^)

Thanks for letting me share 
my black and white inspo!

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