Saturday, November 29, 2014

Butterfly Wing Face Art!

Winters are here which gave me an excuse to camouflage my blonde streak with green and left eye with a butterfly wing x>. Thanks to make up artist Nick. For doing this crazy cool face art. Personally speaking these days i'm trying to do all my ideas which I've sketched in my inspiration notebook. I'm a sucker for ideas and inspo. So I make sure I keep plenty in my head and notebook both :D (Crazy Fact: I have got 10,000 fun idea pictures stored at my pc and pinterest but I still keep looking for more because I feel it's less- Clutter Alert LoL). I feel bad most of the time not able to get all those ideas out(who knows about tomorrow that's why). So I'm going to train myself for next 30 days to post in a schedule(trying fellas I know i aint regular here).  Meanwhile check out my  face art, you can try this face art for Halloween or even your birthday party too ;^:

I decided to spray some parrot green 
temporary dye on my blondie streak^.
Wearing purple stones earrings x>, which
you can purchase from here for hardly 2.50$


I simply put on some shiny blue and green eye shade
on my lips and wore transparent lip gloss to make 
eye shadow stay "adhered" and not make my lips dry^.


Butterfly hair pin i'm wearing is from forever21.
I hope it's still available, they have in orange and blue 
color too^. I featured this butterfly hair pin
in my post here.


Close up of my eye makeup. Diamantees were pasted all over the wing area
using eye lash glue^. It comes off very easily. No pain x>.


Thanks for letting me share my butterfly wing face art:>,
And thanks again to Nick for doing this
cool face art^


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