Thursday, November 13, 2014

Conceptual Art: Freedom

Good morning fellas :>. I'm very much excited to share two of my new conceptual art tutorials. If you're a photographer and love editing. Then you should try going for "Conceptual Art" series.^. This tends to include all your thoughts, imagination, ideas, emotions and feelings being transferred to "Photographs" in your own way. When you doing some conceptual shots, only you can understand them way better than anyone. As the art tends to be very much close to the psyche of an artist. Today i'm doing a "Freedom" edition which includes:

#1 Flying On 7th Cloud:

I took a snap of me lying on my bed like this. I wanted 
to do something like as if i'm lying on "cloud".
So I simply googled pretty cloud pictures, using adobe
photo shop I erased the background, and added my photo to 
2nd layer i.e the cloud photo^. Ta-da. Add some
related quote under your photo to add some
meaning to your conceptual photos.

"I'm Free,
& I'm not too far from that feeling I know.."


#2 I Don't Care Anymore:

For my next photo I wanted it 
to have like a "Carefree", or free spirited aura.
Using I added crow stamps.
To add some effects I used "Vampire Effect",
which added a lot of drama to what ever I wanted my
photo to have. Next comes the caption ;>, 
read below for it.

"You kept on quitting on me,
Every time i tried,
Until i realized..
I don't care anymore..."


Thanks for checking out my conceptual art x>,
These will be continuous series so keep checking out
my blog for more.

If you missed out on my previous conceptual art 
post you can check it out right here.^


Until next time,
Take Care,



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