Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tips On: Portraits And Posing !

These days everyone wants to pose like a model and take some vogue inspired shots. But what most photographers/models lack is soul in their photographs. The picture won't feel right if your heart is not in it. One thing i've learned from 3 years of dozens of photoshoots i've done is; you can never stop at one point and be like "Now i've reached perfection and i'm perfect at what I do". It's a life learning process and your knowledge is never enough. From every shoot, i've learned so many perks of posing, modeling and how to use props in photoshoots. Today i will share some fun things that i've learned as a portrait model in 3 years.

#1 Wear Lots of Colorful Accessories:

(This photo taken from f9 Photography by Sumaira Khan)

Wearing accessories can be fun especially for adding some color to 
dull photographs. Plus accessories also work as diversion in photography.
Empty wrists can look plain dull when doing some portraits or
posing as model. Make sure you wear necklaces and some bracelets 
in your next shoot^.

#2 Try Different Effects On One Picture:

(This photo taken from photography class assignment of Naima Riaz)

The best way to choose what is looking "good" on your 
photo the most is by, trying out different effects on your picture.
And then choosing the right one for your photo.
I edit all my pictures myself and sometimes even edit pictures
from my shoots x>. My editing is strong compared to
photography^. You can add some fun effects
using picmonkey.com. I've used two effects from this site above.


#3 Use Air For Dramatic Effects:

(This photo taken from professional studio at Avs kumar)

Do not use hair dryer for adding wind effect to your portraits. 
I did that once and all my makeup just melted (like lol yeah).
Make sure you have mini round fan for this otherwise you can
always shoot at very windy day on top of your roof
for better realistic results x>.


#4 Pose Like A Vogue Model:

(This photo taken from f9 Photography by Sumaira Khan)

The best inspirations to take are from Vogue magazine.
Save some snaps from vogue magazine and carry them with
you on photoshoot. This way you'll remember your poses &
also save time from panicking about what to do
in your photoshoot. 


#5 Sunlight Technique:

(This photo taken from my summer collection 2014
@style at foot step)

This picture must be looking like it's taken by a professional,
from Dslr right?^. Don't be fooled. It's taken from digital camera.
How I got an amazing shot like this?x>. Simple: Look in direction of sunlight
and take your photo from below. This way "sunlight" acts as natural
lighting and makes your photo look flawless. Add some vintage effects
later on top.

I had fun sharing some of these ideas with you. Hope you enjoyed reading my post. If you want some more ideas or think you could help improve my blog more. You can send your mails here: saoirsechic@gmail.com.

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