Friday, August 15, 2014

Featured Artist#1: Stm Nail Art^!

I'm starting new category on my blog which will be for new emerging talented artists all over the world x>, every week i shall be a featuring new talent under "Featured Artist" category here at my blog, for those who are interested in being featured at my blog, kindly inbox me on my page here, with your page/site link & best work x>.
Today on Featured Artist, I have a special guest who does amazing nailart starting from colorful unique designs to realistic sketch paintings on nails (That's true Yes)^. Stm nail art offers you nail art ranging from variety of designs that you can chose & also place order for.

Original concept by stm of painting portrait faces on nails.

am much excited to feature stm art at my blog for the very first time x>,
So here is her story & your questions answered about her ^^:

Question#1: Hope you doing great Stm on this very sunny day, Tell us since how long you've been working as nail art designer & how it all started?^.

Stm: Yes, I'm doing good thanks for having me here :>, I started nail art in 2007 when i was in Grade 8th, due to strict rules of my APS school we were asked to cut our nails short and keep them clean. But since i was naughty, i started applying nail polish on my nails & during my boring classes i was mostly lost day dreaming to make nailart designs.

Beautiful Calligraphy done on nails by stm

Question# 2: What is your inspiration behind all the pretty nailart u make?^.
Stm: At start i used to make dots and lines on my nails since it was easy to make with nail polish brush. Later on, i started making flowers and abstract designs. First four years, i spent designing everything with nail polish brush. I was unaware of other nail art accessories because i never used internet at that time. My Inspirations all began with my own thoughts and ideas.

Stm amazes everyone with painting/sketching her own face 
portrait on nail using nail polish.
Question#3: Originally u came up with portrait face nail art, how you came up with such an intriguing idea & was it difficult to paint on something as small as nail?^.

Stm: Yes, it was difficult to paint my own face but at that time, i was only thinking to do something creative on my nail that no one has ever done before. That day i remember, it took me 3 hours to paint a single nail portrait.

           Stm's nail polish collection^
Question#4: What nail polish brands & materials you would recommend to nail art lovers?^.

Stm: I personally would recommend OPI ,Ciate, Revlon, Channel, Diana of london, Sweet touch and Color show because they give the best result on nails. But i have also tried many other nail polishes such as CR and i loved it due to its fragrance, Rivaj also comes in huge variety of fashion colors. Nail gels can also give a beautiful look to your nails and one special thing i would like to recommend to nail art lovers is Essence Quick Dry Drops which helps in drying the nail color within seconds .

Graffiti Inspired Nail Art by stm^.

Question#5: According to you what's the hottest trend in nail art these days?^.

Stm: The Fall 2014 season brought back the understated manicure, pleasant subdued tones consisting mostly of reds, grays, nudes and metallics that added a chic and sophisticated sleekness to each design.

Politician's faces sketched on nails using nail polish^ by stm.

Question#6: Where you see stm nailart standing in next 5 years?^.

Stm: As I am observing the craze of nail art in girls stm nail art will become much popular and loved in the upcoming 5 years IA.

Question#7: What advice you would like to give to girls who have just started out in their nailart career?^.

Stm: My advice for nail art beginners would be to keep creating their nailart as we all know how much popular it is in foreign countries & soon it will attain same popularity in Pakistan too. You'll have to work hard in every field whether you choose to be an artist in media or a nail art designer. Even i would like to give out an idea to our senior teachers and staff to somehow set up proper classes for nail art & to convert it to a subject in field of art and designing.

Thank you Stm for letting me feature your nail art & brief interview at my blog x>. Well people you can check out stm's facebook page your self here (link). Go say hello to her ^) & enjoy her amazing nail art.


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