Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What do you think about my new blog change?;>

Yo!. Everyone I have an important news for you. I am immensely working on blog layout and will only be sharing crafts, art, beauty, photo ideas, fashion accessories, products, graphics, inspirations and events on this blog now & on wards. Which means I won't be posting anything Personal/Sad/Conceptual Art/Ramblings here.

But wait, that's not it. I am working on creating 2nd blog. Which will show the dark side of me. It's just that I wanted my current blog to have a professional and colorful feel, due to that I felt it was time to do something about my dark aspects.

I am a lyricist and writer from inside. Art/Fashion is my passion. Lyrics/writing is just a way of expressing my feelings. I often use photos with my feelings on them to express myself.

I am so excited for this change. I can't wait to share my second blog with you^.

What do you think about my new blog style?.
I am still working on it by the way so it's not fully complete this layout ;>.

Saoirse Chic

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