Thursday, September 10, 2015

When a DIY Fails: Skull Wreath

Heya!. For few days I was working on this "Skull Wreath" diy. Somehow it just was not feeling right from the very start. Like in photo (from where I took inspiration which is below) it looks cool but when I began making one for real it was not looking too great. Firstly, I tried using cardboard as the wreath's base. It was such a No-No. The cardboard as base works only for wreaths having lots of embellishments and which are bigger in size. For a smaller one with just few quantity of "Skull" scraps it was not looking cool. Only wire base would work great here.

Secondly, I am saving my white and black glitter sheets for other rad DIYS. I used mixed colors of orange and reds for this wreath which again turned out to be a bummer. It was just so frustrating making this diy and I was not having fun anymore. So, I decided to reuse my materials from this diy for something else & quit dwelling to work more on this.

So I give up on this yeah!.

Have a look from where I took inspiration:

And no I won't be sharing my diy peeks from this project with you. It's just that if something don't look good to me then I won't share it anywhere. But here's the deal, even if your art fails you still have to pick up your scissors and keep creating. A project coming out bad should not give you reason to abandon your dreams.


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