Sunday, September 6, 2015

LOL Photos # 1!

Heya kids. You know I am a comedian and I love to be crazy/wild. An alter-ego?, yeah much and can easily say I have one. I just made a compilation of all my crazy posts I did in past 3 months at my instagram.

Warning: You might not stop laughing for months after watching these:

#1 Kfc and Me:
#tbt to when I had a class exactly 7 minutes later. But still had time for @kfc.
Kids not allowed to try this at home pulez
#2 Too Depressed? Ha!:
Do I look too depressed to you here?. Exactly!.
#3 Lays Chips Sale Seriously?:
There was a #sale on these limited edition #layschips so I bought them all. Haha and I still won't #share it with you.#chipshug #snackmission2015 . {I look#shit I know because right now all I care about are my #chips.}.
#4 ColdSore:
Say, not a bad idea for hiding#coldsore when you gotta have to take your photo on urgent basis.
#5 And I ate Up my Bracelet:
#tbt to the time when you kiddies made me confused. I didn't knew what to do so I ate up my spikes bracelet.
#6 Doughnut Time :
Me & my little one likey donuts. How adorbs we look here right?
Enjoyed much?. Follow me at my instagram here. For more crazy posts.

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