Monday, September 14, 2015

Ramblings: What is Passion?

We all get times in our life man,
Where no matter how hard we try,
It just feels pointless to try doing some effort to create anything(talking from artistic point of view).
We feel demotivated, lazy & kind of stuck.

What do you think you are passionate about?.
What do you think, what is this Passion?.

Is doing something which makes you happy called Passion?.

Passion is something that you are willing to suffer for,
Willing to be hungry for. 
It is something which can make you forget about your sleep &
even hunger.

If there is something in your life which literally makes you forget about your whole being when you are doing it. Trust me that's your passion man.

If Eminem can work 16 hours a day & William Shakespear would sleep for hardly an hour in 24 hours. So why can't we man?.

 I have revived my passion for creating all over again. I feel so great. Hope this inspires you too.


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