Sunday, January 24, 2016

DIY: Winkie for your shirt Collar

Yo! Guys. Few days ago I saw this chic sporting "eye winkie" on her collar. Shockingly,  the shirt cost her over 49$. What I found absolutely bizarre was the fact people are selling such products over priced which you can 100% diy yourself at home using nothing but recycling material.

Why would I or you want to invest in such products man?.
Don't!. I will be giving FREE diys of all the products on my blog which you would otherwise need to purchase for 29-50$. It's insane!. Why would I want to charge so much for a handmade product which is so damn universal you could create yourself?. I won't.



  1. White & black felt
  2. Uhu Glue tube
  3. Scissors
  4. Silver pen



Draw eye winkie & shapes using silver pen. Cut them out.


Assemble them together and paste them on collar of your shirt using uhu glue tube. I have tested this method, it is washable. But you can stitch the eyes on collar if you want them to be permanent.



Simple & easy to make. No bullshit or anything to worry about see?.  And it looks more cooler than what you would actually purchase for 49$.




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