Saturday, June 27, 2015

Boy Crush: Tom Surridge

Hello there everyone I am back :>. Apologies for returning back to blogging game after such a long time. I was active on my Instagram accounts (I know you kids might have noticed ;>). The reason it took me a week almost to come back to blogging routine is because I was transferring over 20,000 photos and data of mine to my new laptop (Haha I know it sounds crazy, like seriously I have 20k photos?). I wanted to fully organize my all upcoming blog posts before I could start fresh and guess what?;). I have come up with two new labels which I will reveal soon. I learned so much in past one week, I can't wait to share with you.

Two days ago, I saw the flick "Like Minds". Literally crushing on that hottie Tom Surridge. He is so damn cute. Honestly, I thought he must have starred in Twilight because he fits as a perfect vampire by looks.  Well, have a look yourself kiddies:

Looks like he just starred in Twilight opposite to bella eh?^

(Photo Source link)


His role in the movie "Like Minds", would leave you feeling eerie with goosebumps in a cute way, since he is such a cutie.


How about this face?^


Aint he so perfect?;>.


And another thing he is one of close pals of Robert Pattinson haha :>.  What a shocker, explains a lot about his charming vampire looks ;>.


Starting new labels from tomorrow ;>,
Catch me in new post,

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