Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Inspirations and Ideas: Terrarium & Succulents Edition!

The current love i am having is for these pretty succulents x>. They are amazing to keep indoors/outdoors, how about you make one yourself?. Here are some cool ideas and things to check out before making your own very terrarium:

#1 Type Of Succulent:

There are variety of succulents to choose from,
personally i like "white knight" as it looks clean
& not thorny.


#2 Neon Pebbles:

You can fill the top layer of your
succulent planter with pretty neon pebbles^^.
Any fish pet store will have these.


#3  Terrarium in Mini Bottle:

Adorable idea!  fill up miniature bottle 
bought from craft store with terrarium fillings.


#4 Mixture of Succulent Planter:

You can plant variety of different succulents in
same planter for your garden^.


#5 Purple & Blue Succulents:

Two color combination of succulents can be planted in
your garden.They eventually grow out looking
so pretty x>.


#6 Mini Succulent Pots:

Succulents can be planted in different
mini pots too like these. This works well
for keeping them indoors^.


#7 Terrarium Necklace:

It's not really a traditional terrarium, 
but it's an idea of it. I love how the tiny mushroom
has butterfly on it^.


#8 Terrarium In Jars & Bowl:

Fish bowls can be used for planting these
pretties. Quite cool^^.


#9 Succulents with Cactus:

This looks amazing. Cactus and succulents can be 
planted together as well. But the only problem might
come will be the thorn like needles of cactus
so be very carefully 
when planting a cactus^.


#10 How to make terrarium?


Here are all ingredients you will be needing to 
make your own terrarium in a jar:

*Empty Jar
*Charcoal pieces
*Miniature figures

You add these layer by layer.
Place your miniature figures on top of it
once your're done :>.


Thanks for letting me share
these cool terrarium ideas x>.
Which is your favorite terrarium idea?


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