Monday, March 23, 2015

Cute Gift Packaging and Boxes!

I have got over 100 drafts in my studio for different types of gift packaging and boxes. I will start sharing my drafts in my next series that way you could make your own gift boxes too^(how cool will that be?;>). Anyway, here are my collection of gift boxes that I made on custom order for different people:

#1 Box board Packaging:

I added cute patterns on this one with paint.
Lighter colors look cool on box board.


#2 House Boxes:

I made bunch of these for chocolates & cookies.
I gifted 1 to my favorite teacher, sold 3 of them on
my stall.


Only this Christmas wreath house box is left now.
It's for 100rs only at my page.


#3 Hot pink:

I made custom necklace for someone for this packaging, you can read
it's full feature here.
Added lips print out later on top.


#4 Miniature Key chain Box:

This one is for custom key packaging I made on
order. Kind of was challenging to make it so
small. I finished off by adding glitter heart
cut out as tag on top^.


#5 Custom Valentines Day Packaging:

This wallet & along with packaging available for purchase 
at my page. The name initial tag can be changed.^


#6 Patterned Packaging For Wallet:

This was very fun to make. I made a neon diamond
tag for this one. Added two different patterns on the box top.


Here is how I made the pattern design.
I used golden glitter glue.


Thanks for checking out my gift packaging ideas^.

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