Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Make your own F.R.I.E.N.D.S collage (Part:1)

Hello, I was confined from past few week working on my new content & collection. I have also decided to post in between on days apart from friday-sunday. I have so much new content that it can't be shared in 3 days a week schedule. I personally feel life's short and I want all these ideas out of my head. I will be keeping my thoughts and words short here though, just to save time.^

Few days ago I came across this cool collage photo resembling "f.r.i.e.n.d.s" signature style. I was like i had to make my own version of it and decided to give tribute to my best friend :>.

Here is our story:

#1 Remember the time I did not even know you?:p- (2012- Funk Art theme party)
#2 And the time we were mistaken as vampires xp (2013- Secret place)
#3 The time where we busted our a** on printing rug & you could not help but show off more (2013-Printing exam)
#4 How about the time when you forgot about me while watching snow xD (2013-Azaad kashmir trip)
#5 The time you climbed mountain with courage but
 forgot how to get off from it xp (2013- Toli peer)
#6 And the time I let you have my half sand witch (2013- Lunch time on top of toli peer)
#7 The time Dad bought me new digital cam & you got more shit excited to take selfies than I did xD (2013)
#8 The time when you blew away whole auditorium when my name got called off in hall for award ceremony but I was not there xp (2013- award ceremony)
#9 The time you were my neighbor next to my stall (2013)
#10 The time you shit waited for 2 hours to get face painting done on your face at Halloween night you could have asked me to do that instead xp seriously (2013- Halloween night)

Overall i'm happy to spend all that time with you pal, thanks for being such an amazing friend :>
Wait till part:2 it'll be more dirtier and funnier xp.


So here is the original version of collage:

This was easy to make I simply used
for ready made collage. Later I added text and small dots
separately between text using


Make your own version of collage and share stories under.
This collage could be framed too. 
A cute gift i'd say!


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