Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentines Day: DIY special!

Hello hello hello :^. I was away yesterday as i'm planning some changes on my blog. Everytime i view my blog all I see are the "labels" all lined up and hardly even having any posts under. I realized very soon the reason i am not enjoying to blog is because all my labels are cluttered. I have decided to remove 11 to 12 labels and only keep those which I enjoy writing the most. Here are my top 5 labels I enjoy blogging the most: handmade products of mine, inspirations, cute cats, photo ideas/conceptual art and personal/place visits. I'm very excited to focus on these labels and most importantly i figured out this finally so glad.^

Anyway, here are my 5 cute ideas for valentines day:

#1 "Make Your Own Embroidery Heart Balloons(Free Printable Below)":

This can be adorable idea
making for your friend/boyfriend.
It can be made into card, framed
as print or even used in 
scrapbooks :>.


I made this for my very dear friend
sophia^^. I embroidered hearts
and added some cute faces on


Here is your free printable,
make one for your 
best friend now x>.


#2 Valentines Day Outfit:

If you going for valentines day look
for a date. My white dress with
hot red net crop jacket
would be perfect^^.


#3 Heart Thumb Pins:

Why buy these when you can
make them yourself?^.
Simply add mini heart cut outs
on round thumb nails.


#4 Dollie Garlands:

So adorable paint dollies red
and hot pink make garlands.
I love the idea of hanging 
cute cards along dollies.


#5 XO Nail Art:

Cute nailart for
valentines day. 
I love the idea of
adding 'xo' on your
nail. *Adorable*


Thanks for checking out my
today's post


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