Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentines Day Count Down!^

Hello all it's valentines month ^^. I'm so happy to tell you I will be posting valentines day ideas and gifts till 14th feb 2015 that way you all chics can have plenty of time to prepare for your spouse. So remember I left with promise to come back after 1st and reveal to you a project i've been working on. Here is just a glimpse of it: I have collaborated with "Sohnee Book Shop" to design handmade unique valentines day cards exclusively for their shop. The whole process of me making those cards and behind the scenes I will share in my upcoming post soon. ^

Everyday till 14th feb I will be sharing 5 super cute ideas related to valentines day including what to prepare for your loved one in food, what to wear, what to gift, beauty ideas and also fun decor tips. I will also daily share my new handmade cutesies and diy that you can gift your loved one:^.

So without further delay here are my 5 ideas for today:

#1 Kiss Messages:

Totally sentimental and cute idea^.
Put on lipstick, smooch
on paper, write messages under smooches, cut them out, and gift to your boyfriend/partner.


#2 Fruit Wands:

Super cute and refreshing snack 
for morning or evening.
Cut out water melon and strawberries
into heart shape. Use shashlick sticks
for these^. How about some healthy
snack for your spouse?.


#3 A Cute Shoot:

You can surprise your partner
with a planned photoshoot.^
Taking snaps "twilight" inspired
like above could make your
valentines day soo special and


#4 Decor Item:

A framed embroidered writing
could be an adorable memento.
You can choose your partner/boyfriend's name or initials
to be embroidered along with
some quote^.♡


#5 Gift Custom Mugs:

You can gift one of these custom
hand made mugs with packaging and tags to your loved one:^.
I make these myself you can inbox me right here or comment below if you
want one :>.♡


Thanks for checking out my ideas
and waiting for me till 1st^.
I have best audience ever,
who supports me even if
I disappear.


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Until next time,
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