Friday, January 23, 2015

Custom Gift Boxes: "Cubes"

Hello all x>. I am so busy and almost booked for valentines day. I still have few bookings open. So kindly book your orders inadvance as I won't have time anywhere near 14th feb 2015!. It's totally crazy i received custom order for 70+ handmade cards. I'm totally stoked. Thank you!^.

Here is my today's featured work. I want to share cute packaging ideas for gift boxes:

These all boxes sold out.
You can place similar order
though from here.



I made gold box with neon orange
tag. It was going well with the
gift inside^.



I made these bows seperately,
as cute gift props( a bonus you
choose your own custom
props with all gift boxes^)


Closeup of diamond tag,
I made with the box^.


I attached bow on front of box^,
along with cute diamond tag.


The shiny electric blue packaging
was going so well with red



For this gift box,
I made fun white pattern on
black wrapping paper and then
attached neon yarn along^



This one I made from brown boxboard
sheet and decided to paint
it with cute valentines day designs^


Thanks for checking out my today's post, next time I will share
different sizes and fun shapes of boxes x>


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