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Featured Artist #4: "Elide Eligar"

I have been wanting to do "featured artist" post from very long time. When I started this blog, I really wanted to do something different from others and not just become selfish with my work and keep it in spotlight. It's my goal for 2015 to do at least 100 features on this blog. For that if you're an artist, you can inbox me your work and page links. I will feature your work along with full interview, your story and vision right here;>.

Today I will be featuring "Elide Eligar" who is an amazing fashion illustrator from Italy. When I first came across her work, what caught my attention was her immediate use of pastels and pinks with dark outlines. Normally artists do black and white or totally colorful artwork. But to see someone's work being emphasized differently was amazing.

Elide Eligar Illustrative work you can find here.

Question#1: You from Italy right? Did you knew from day 1 that you were going to be an artist?^

Yes I am Italian. Since childhood, I always loved drawing and sketching. So yes considering that fact I did knew from start, that drawing would always be something I'd enjoy.

Question#2: The conception behind Italy is this that since it's "Heart of Art" whatever you will create it will sell. How true is this?. Is there a market for art in your city?^

It has just been a while since I "joined" the world of fashion illustration and on-line business, I still have a lot to learn. Unfortunately, in my city there are very few opportunities to sell art. I do believe though, at the moment there is much more chance to sell my art by promoting it thoroughly online compared to selling it otherwise.

Elide's Pink pastel emphasized illustration with
dose of glitter.

Question#3: One thing which separates your work from other illustrators I've seen is the distinctive emphasize you use on pastels and outlines. How is your style coming out to be so far?^

As I mentioned just now, I have recently joined the "fashion illustration world" my style is still evolving. I believe I am still work in progress, but pastel color will always be highlight of my illustrative style. I'm working with graphic tablet these days, to make my work look more appealing and original from a classic pastel drawing.I am also learning new digital tricks to add mixed media on my portfolio work.

Elide's redbubble shop products are here.

Question#4: You have etsy, redbubble shop and facebook page which you manage, how you cope with the stress of regularly updating all your social sites?Any tips?^

It is fun for me to update my social sites. I think it's important to promote my work on-line, as this also gives me a chance to know more people from different parts of the world. I get to stay in touch with many different artists and learn so much from them. These social sites prove to be great opportunity for new comers, it's always best to make use of them fully.

Elide's pretty colorful Christmas illustration^

Question#5: What medium and materials you use for your illustrative work?^

I use Fabriano paper, Letraset Promarker pantoni and then I add a digital touch to my work.

Elide's hand drawn illustration^

Question#6: Who are your inspirations behind all your portfolio work?

There are many artists who inspire me. Art by Joshua McKannedy with his Pidgin doll, also the french style by Angeline Melin and Megan Hess. I'm also fond of checking out fashion photography and vintage styles. I like reproducing Marie Antoniette style of 700tv with colourful dressing. French and Parisian atmosphere inspire me as well.

Question#7: What are the 3 golden rules any illustrator should follow to be successful as an artist?

In my opinion every illustrator:
- should be original, following his/her own style, knowing how to take out inspirations
- should practice as often as possible and always be modest on learning
- should also carry an illustrated card, promoting work on every given chance

Elide's hand made bags^

Question#8: Apart from illustrations what type of other products do you sell?^

I sell t-shirts, tote bags with my original drawings. Recently, I have also started making handmade-illustrated cotton purses.

Question#9: What is the price range for your products?^

The price is cheap and modest starting from 4 and 15 euros on wards.

Question#10: Where do you see yourself in two years of time period?^

 I hope to learn more and develop my style so that I can increase my production.

Elide's portfolio work has french to it^.

Question#11: How important is it to support small handmade businesses and would you support such businesses?

It is important to support young small hand made businesses. Just like us there are more who might be hoping someone can find their work and fall in love with it.


Thank you elide for featuring your work at my today's blog post.
Check out more of her work
and say hi to her right here.




  1. The price is amazing for the handmade nature of it all. I bet the painted bags look gorgeous in person.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Thank you x> check out more cool products i've shared


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