Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hand Made Cards (Part:1)

The most fun part about having your own blog is this that you get to post whatever content you like being comfortable in your own skin. Now at times you will get too see the sugary posts here at diary of seresha with colorful-cute-vintage posts and other times you'll see this badass chic with totally insane products. No need to be confused fellas. I believe in freedom of soul and art. My name itself means "freedom"(Seresha is an Irish word it means freedom).

So why does this chic posts all the cute stuff and all of sudden you check my blog for new updates and find this scary-totally-crazy conceptual art?. Good question!. Answer is simple I just don't want my blog to be all candy and sugar, i feel it should have some taste of sour too. I really want to post content from both sides. With sugar and sour both going together i feel it will make a good combination.

So here are some pretty cards I made myself:

#1 "Good luck Card":

This one was hard work. It's original Idea too. I did glitter pattern on it's right side and on left pasted pattern paper. Then punched a hole from behind, tied ribbon in knot and made it's braid. Lastly, I embossed a cut out with green paint and diamantees. Looks quite cute in the end eh?.


#2 "Get Well Soon":

This is bigger in size compared to first one. This is how it's base will be: I first added pattern paper in it's middle and ribbons on left side. Then added diamantees on ribbon.


After making it's base, I made pretty tag, attached to base and wrote
with pink lead "Get Well Soon"!. The final look was sweet I'm happy.


Both cards are packaged in packet separately. There back side has got cute tape with "open me" message.
Insides of both cards are empty, You can write something yourself in them as desired .

Thanks for checking out my
cute cards and my tale.



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