Saturday, January 3, 2015

How To Add Butterflies On Your Photo ^

I'm a crazy chic. Love taking fun snaps and changing my looks. You never know you might see me next time dressed up as axl rose :D. We only live once so why not make most of it?. I do whatever I feel like doing always^^.

So anyway, I took couple of beautiful snaps and added butterflies on them. Today i'll show you how to add butterflies on your photos x>:

#1 Open , it's free royal week there x>.
#2 Upload your snap.
#3 Go to "Stamps" tab and choose "butterflies".
#4 Add butterflies in different sizes
as desired on all over your picture^^
#5 Ta-da photo is ready x>


You can also make these 
butterflies in adobe photoshop.
Save them on .png format inorder
to make them cut outs like stickers.

Have fun with butterflies ;)


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