Saturday, January 10, 2015

Flower Brooches(Sold out)!

I love brooches. When I kept stall at pc recently someone give me a very cool idea to why not just focus on one product segment at a time? I.e brooches or any other category^^. I give it a thought to create one segment product consistently for each one month. And guess what?. These days i'm working on series of badass prints. Check out my redbubble shop for new totally rad party shirts :^ here. So for one month i will be designing only some real rock n roll statements;^.

Here's my set of flower brooches:

I made these from net fabric 
and hand painted them.
Pink and blue ones have sold
out but you can place custom
order for them here.


Here's a picture of me wearing
green flower brooch. 


Outing with my cousins,
You can wear these 
when hanging out for fun
or when heading for walk.


So pink and blue ones sold out,
what happened to this green brooch?^.
I gifted it to my aunt fellas :D


Thanks for checking out my brooches ^^


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