Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mini Painting: Sewing Machine!

Being a fashion accessories designer is not only major FUN,  but it's challenging too. There was this "blockage" I went through during past few months. Maybe I needed some break from the crazy-totally-out-of-control list of projects and custom orders I was taking. Now that I finally am over that "blockage" phase. I am creating some of the most unique cute products you've ever seen x>. And I won't stop till I touch the sky. I'm super excited for my upcoming custom orders and did I told you my products are selling fast ^?. I am so thankful to God for His all blessings.

Most importantly I am thankful to you all. For all those who gave importance to my Art, my designs and creations, thank you very much x>. 

Today I decided to show you my mini acrylic painting that I have made of "sewing machine". Most of the crafty chics out there love materials and a colorful studio room. I had to make something for your wall didn't I? (So I did :>). Here's my detailed view of painting:

Size of Painting: 8 by 8 Inches
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Price: 500 Rs. only(5 dollars($))

It's still available you can buy this painting here.


I really like posing with my paintings.^
I painted it's background parrot green
and added cute heart on top in middle especially
for those who love sewing as much as I do ;>.


"xOXo" is right!. I like adding that in almost everything I create,
just to show some love to my customer x>.


My acrylic painting going so well with mini velvet pin cushion and 
scissors felt necklace x>. In fact it can be bought in set,
especially for someone who is a Craft-oholic :>.

You can buy the whole set or separately right here.


Thanks for checking out my
sewing machine painting;^


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