Monday, January 19, 2015

Custom Order: Pearl Necklace!

Winter season tends to be my favorite as it gives me advantage to dressup. It's my goal this year to organize and wear everything in my wardrobe. I will also share fun outfit sets and jewelry with you. How about a new label?^.

One thing which I enjoy the most creating are customer orders. I not only get to prove myself as a designer through orders but also learn alot for next time. Materials I use keep evolving as I tend to switch between best options always.^

Today I want to share my process of making custom pearl necklace and what exactly I did to make this:

This necklace was custom made
and it's sold. Got some necklace you need for your party?^ then
place order here.


My Design Process:

I already had made a big
pearl necklace. I utilized it's
big pearl for my this custom order.


Pearl Necklace:

I used over 210 pearls to make this
one long necklace. It was quite
time consuming and tiring job. 
As i used double elastic thread
in this necklace. I was happy
after it was ready;^.



I chose pink packaging for it's
box which I made myself too^.
Lined it's corners with red
and added big lips cutout
In middle^^.

*It's Ready*


Thanks for checking out
my today's cute custom order^.


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