Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inspirations: Colorful Experience!

Last few days I was going through alot of changes emotionally. It's a good feeling to forgive everyone who may have wronged you at one point or another. I'm leo and we tend to forgive people very fast even those who don't deserve to be forgiven. To me I personally feel no point in hating anyone. Life's short and it is spent best if you forget about your hatred and forgive everyone that's what a real LEADER is like. I took off yesterday that's why because was taking my time to forgive everyone and start fresh again^. So thank you for that alot you all so kind and still checked my blog yesterday to check for my new post ♥.

Today it's inspiration time here are some colorful things for you to see:

#1 Printed Cushions:

I loved these can be hand painted,
block printed or made from
transfer sheet.


#2 Book covers:

Why not recycle your fabric scraps
and use them for covering
your books?^
(Thank me later for this idea;^)


#3 Prism Effect Pants:

Accessorized with spiky heels
and neon bag?.*Sweet*


#4 Jenny's Art Tips:

Her art tips rock. Love 
her writings. And why not,
never create art for monetary
gains but only for your
own pleasure.


#5 Natural Dyes:

So useful incase you
don't have dyes, 
you can use veggies instead;^.


#6 Seven Rules of Life:

Amazing tips. Save it
to cellphone;^.


#7 Elsie Storage Ideas:

Firstly i love her jewelry,
I might diy some from her.
Secondly, love her idea of 
storing jewelry like this x>.


#8 Scrapbook Writings:

This is perfect print out.
You can frame it,
also cut out these cute
writings for your scrapbook x>


#9 Tribal Nail Art:

If you love nailart and tribals both.
This could be paired with tribal top
or pants ^^.


#10 For Feet Massage:

Human feet tends to be most 
sensitive part of body,
which directly links to your
brain^. Say you having pain in
your kidney than you massage 
the specific area mentioned in above
picture for relief from pain :).


Thanks for checking out my today's
inspirations and ideas for you.


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