Saturday, January 17, 2015

On second thoughts..

I was busy spring cleaning yesterday all day fellas that's why I could not blog. Finally managed to organize all my stationery along with materials. Lately I was feeling exhausted with thoughts of my artwork and designing career. It's that point in life where you feel most likely, to ask yourself the question whether you think it will be alright to keep creating art and blogging for next five years?.

Is it wise to stick being a freelancer and not work for some company instead?. Here's the deal: the bitter part is always hard to swallow. So many talented people out there just back out mostly because they could not cope up with hardship and struggles of being an artist. The question is when will be the right time for your art to be recognized?. I have living artists in my life who are a proof that perhaps 3 to 4 years of extreme hardship and struggles would really prove to be damn fruitful in the end. The path may same long, but believe me time passes very fast especially hard time.

Today I am not here to share a diy post or one of my custom orders with you. I just want to share some reality check points with you all. Though I did had bunch of posts all glossed up and ready for you. But you see when my mind is going through these transitional thoughts then how can I enjoy writing in something sweet and tart?^.

As I mentioned many times in my previous posts, I really want to keep it real here at my blog. I will write what i'll feel and want. I won't hide out my true emotions and thoughts from anyone. Because honestly there's nothing to hide.

On second thoughts,  I was also thinking to add my about me section pages here. Want to work on it awesomely plus good thing I just cleared my full table now it's all prepped for my painting process :>.

Although I skip at times few days in between to post here, but I am really glad you all still support me so much. Thank you^^.

Now I can sleep peacefully being happy because I got brave enough to share with you an "Insight" of mine instead of disappearing and not giving you any updates.

Until next time,


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