Monday, January 5, 2015


My year 2014 went really awesome with so many goals achieved, did new things, visited awesome places, made plenty of new friends and most importantly developed courage to start my own blog.

A year spend really good, until end of 2014 in December, i started experiencing internal struggles. I realized very soon new year starting and I want to do something different. Reincarnate my style perhaps and become more consistent here. I've seen and read dozens of blogs, who mostly like to sugar coat things up and present them here. It sort of creates artificial perception in reader's mind. That sucks big time as i'm never going to BS but be honest with you guys.^

Today i'll be honest with you that why i'm not consistent with my blog posts here. Simple answer: I was searching for a new style for myself. So the question is did I found my new style?^. 
Yes!. I was going through my very old snaps and diaries to find myself again. And guess what?^. I know now what's going to be my style like!.

I have already drafted tons of posts here at blog to be posted later. You will shortly get to see big change in my style and my products both.^

So right now at this moment here's a peek of how my style is like. I like to dressup with a twist of '80's rockstar vibe like axl rose. I love to wear dark lip shades, eye pencil with old school rock vibe. Here's my conceptual art for today, this edition called "Numb":

#1 "Comfortably Numb":

The whole point of conceptual art is,
to express your feelings, express what's inside of you.
It's like an open art journal book,
the only difference is,
you capture art with camera instead of  your pencils.
This little one below is a capture of feeling

"I hear you're feeling down....
Well I can ease your pain..
And get you on your feet again...

There is no pain you are Receding..
Your lips MOVE but I can't hear what you're saying.......

When I was a child I had a fever...
Now I've got that feeling once again..
I have become..... comfortably..... numb."
(Excerpt taken from- Pink Floyd "Comfortably Numb")


#2 "Can't Feel You There..."

It's the most calming feeling ever to feel nothing,
that makes you brave as a person,
stronger than rock itself.


#3 "Held Up High...":

Keep your head high,
no matter how many times you get

"So.. I held my head up high hiding hate that burns inside...

Which only fuels their selfish pride,
All held captive out from the sun,
A sun that shines on only some,
A lion roars in the darkness,
Only he holds the key,
A light to free me from my burden.."

(Excerpt taken from- Creed "My Own Prison")


#4 "Leaves you feelin..":

Know this you're not alone,
can always message me below if you would like
to chat with me or need some motivation.
Best email me:

"When the ride that you've been on,
That you coming off,
Leaves you feeling lost.."

(Excerpt from-Ashlee Simpson "Catch me when i fall")


Thanks yo, for checking out my conceptual art.
If you would like to see my previous conceptual art,
just click here and here.


If you would like to learn how to express yourself in
photos and need some help in starting up,
message me at my face book page here.


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Until next time,
Take Care,



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