Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Saoirse Cat Community Update # 1!

I'm blogging from cellphone while having fever. I was working at my scrapbook order from 3days so i caught cold as my room was a mess and I was working sitting on carpet. So glad my scrapbook order was received today^. I will blog post about it in details after i'm over fever.

It has been 3-4 months since i opened my Saoirse Cat Community in form of group page on facebook. This community is for all those cat lovers who can come forward share their cat stories, pet pictures, donate cat toys, food and clothes. I was willing to blog post on it in detail (I will share the whole story behind starting this community and why I did so in part#2 of this blog post).

Today I want to give you peeks of updates from my community:


I shared tips on how you can
make your cats attached with your
kids. They can even save
your child in danger.



I shared how your cat can
wear accessories and
not get bugged by them.
I love mikayuns cat x>.♥



I also mentioned why it's
important to not seperate
baby kittens from their
mothers for at least first 3 months.



Say no to de-clawing,
It's totally barbaric and
unhealthy. I shared at
my community why
you should not
de-claw your cat.



I also shared why black 
cats should not be
considered curse.
I did detailed caption on
this one at my community^.



Also my cousin shared his cat
before and after snaps.
He was so skinny before.


And after few weeks of hardwork,
look at him so cuddly and


I encourage everyone to
adopt baby cats and save
as many as possible.
I own two cats myself.
They are the best thing ever
happened to me. Love them
to bits. I will blog post on 
my cats too in detail x>♥.


Thanks for checking out my today's
blog post. You can join my cat community here.


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