Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine Day Ideas: Heart Attack!

A little malfunction happened. While playing with my cat boxer accidently he scratched my pinky finger (lol i forgive him though). So it bleeded and I bandaged it. I type from my cellphone here at blog and add content from pc. 
Typing got bit hard because of my pinky that's why am late for today's post apologies.

I could not sleep without sharing these lovely ideas of mine for valentines day that I want you to try^:

#1 Gift Sophomore Jar:

This could be adorable for
surprise bonfire with your
boyfriend. Marshmallows,
Cracker biscuits, chocolate and
add starburst too for roasting
them at cute little bonfire^^.


#2 Diy Red Lipstick:

Here is step by step Diy for you
to try. A clever trick
would be to add face powder
on your lips with makeup brush
and then fill them up with
red lipstick.


#3 Dino Hearts:

Spray plastic dino,
punch few heart confetti
to gift along. You can
also add some cute messages
in little notes with dino.


#4 Gold Leaf Heart NailArt:

I love this tutorial.
It's perfect for valentines
season. You can do
multiple gold leaf hearts
not just single heart^^.


#5 Heart Attack Iphone Case:

I designed Valentines day special
heart iphone case x>.♥ Only
available at my rebubble shop:


Thanks for checking out
my today's post^^


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