Monday, March 30, 2015

Behind the scene: Dinosaurs and Pandas

Heya all, I have decided to introduce new label to my blog called "Behind The Scene". I really don't want to wait whole week for one product to finish off and then show you everything about it. I wanted to give you peeks everyday of my work as most of you do not follow me on instagram. So here is what I have been up to making:
This cute dino munchies "in love" print & embroidery patch I just finished working. Today i took their shots.
I made a new painting it's called "Future Rockstar", inspired by USA flag, my wardrobe & rolling stone shirt. I love rolling stones(Yay to that).
Here are my bunch of new paintings. All my paintings have got pretty borders and are signed by me. Love these eh?.

Lastly, it's raining here from few days like crazy so it give me reason to pull out my panda. I'm just playing with paint & having fun much. I might keep face painting booth in near future so practicing my hand at it.

Do I look like bill kaulitz here?
Tell me no.


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