Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Final Masquerade"(Part:1)

I did new conceptual art recently. I'm getting so amazing ideas lately all thanks to linkin park. Their videos and lyrics are giving me much to capture about. Damn inspiring. I will be doing 4, 5 conceptual shots from this song video called Final Masquerade. You have not seen it yet?, you should right here.

The video tends to have abstract out of this world dark imagery. I'm big fan of horror and everything surreal. I came across some awesome thoughts when watching the video, here is how I got inspired:

I love the picture#2 vertically. "Trust No One" spray painted on wall give me a very cool idea. 

Here is step by step tutorial of how I edited my concept:

Step#1: Crop & Re-size picture.
Step#2: Using adobe Photoshop tool "Healing Brush". Clear out whole background.
Step#3: Add  texture using I chose their "board texture#5" for background.
Step#4: Using Adobe Photoshop select your brush with realistic spray paint effect(Adjust opacity & strength as desired). After choosing text, spray your words on photo.
Step#5: Finally add Vampire effect using & increase photo saturation;>.

Here is how my final photo turned out ^:

"Everyone is a gamer in this world,
Don't trust someone so much that it hurts you in the end man,
Just don't take no one much seriously,
Enjoy & have fun"-seresha


There will be 2 more parts of this series, 
Two more tutorials from conceptual art "Final Masquerade" sounds good eh?^.

For checking out my previous series of conceptual art click here, here, here & here.

Hope this helps you somehow in expressing yourself more easily through photos^,
If you need any help in getting started just leave at comments here,


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