Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bad Gossip

Man, I love conceptual art. There is something damn comforting about expressing your emotions good/bad through your photos. In today's edition I decided to try out a different genre which we all hate the most i.e "Gossiping". Anyone being called ugly on face or behind back aint right. To me I think we all are beautiful. Discriminating someone on basis of appearance, skin or caste is so not cool. When I was growing up I was the most ugly chic you have ever seen. I had braces, wore stupid specs, had acne & was damn tan. Nobody liked me at school & all boys would choose my hot friends over me. It's very funny how couple of years totally changed me into something out of this world. But believe me I have felt your pain & been through the same phase like you might be going through  My little advice would be don't lose hope, eventually all ugly ducklings grow into white swans;>. 

Here are some cool shots I did:

#1 Ugly?:

When someone asks you a stupid question,
reply back with an evil smirk. Shuts'em out;>.


#2 You Don't Know:

Once you get famous, people makeup stomach stories
about you.
But you need to remember,
they don't know sh*t^.


#3 Respect:

You get hated & talked about.
But here's a good news you don't have to care
about everything.


Use my pictures as motivation to move forward in your life. There is a much better way to deal with rats man. Just be sarcastic & make fun of your haters :>.

(I will not be posting links anymore here of my sites, you can check out my new "contact" page on right side above for all details)

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