Friday, March 20, 2015

Conceptual Art: "Abandoned"

The whole point of conceptual art is being able to express your thoughts, feelings and negative vibes through photos. Just like Journal Art, conceptual art is awesome for expressing your negative emotions. It's best to get those thoughts out of your head before they make you go crazy or lose your mind. I use this outlet for expressing my deep down feelings which is totally personal so I won't be revealing their meanings or intentions. But I will be teaching you how you can make your conceptual art too^^:

"Mocking Bird":

Choose a concept in your head for the setup
& edits you will be adding to your photos.
Best to make rough draft in your mind.
Here is this caption I choose for my photo:

"I know sometimes things may not always make sense to you right now...
All I ever wanted to do was just to make you PROUD,
Now I'm sitting in this empty house, 
Just reminiscing
Looking at your pictures,
It just trips me,
That time went by so fast.."
(Taken from song eminem "Mocking bird")


"My own Prison"..:

When you are doing conceptual art,
make sure you are dressed accordingly
to your theme. 
This is what my photo is saying:

"The walls are cold and pale...
My breath the only motion around...
Demons cluttering around...
My face showing no emotion..

So I held my head up high...
Hiding hate that burns inside...
Which only fuels their selfish pride..

Far from the sun...
A sun that shines on only some....
Should have been freed
On a Sunday morning...
No time for Tears..
Aint got no time...."
(Taken from  song "My Own Prison" by Creed)


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Need help in expressing yourself through photos?^
Just drop under comments here^


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