Friday, March 13, 2015

Custom Order: Cat Masks!

Hey all!. Hope you all doing great ^^. I have been working very hard irrespective of the fact i am not updating my blog much. You should go check out my instagram account: @styleatfootstep then you will know what i have been up to. Anyway, i am very much grateful to all those who keep buying things from me and give me cute custom orders, which made me realize it's time to give back. I have decided to exclude most of "shop" labels from my blog and include"DIYS". I really feel like i am not contributing to help the community and beginner designers. Most of my labels here have created a superficial image of me that maybe i am so selfish that all i care about is "SALES" and money (xD lol i know). It is so not true (totally!), i don't want to blog for money or sales anymore. I just want to utilize my talents to be helpful to someone. So i'm going to start series of new labels just to help you younger lot to design better and get cool ideas x>.

But meanwhile, here is my custom order I made for someone^^:

I made these masks from glitter foam sheet with proper matching lining behind
each one of these. For the box I sketched cute mask & painted it with acrylic ^.
Then I added rhinestones on the mask and name of receiver on box. 


My customer's kids wearing their masks x>,
so cute eh?


Here is the first mask I made inspired by katy perry which my customer saw
and give me custom order for above masks x>.

You can read full featurette of this mask right here.


Thanks for checking out my custom made masks^


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