Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Food Diary #1: Popsicles, Candy Maneuver and Jungle Juice!

I love traveling, going out for fun & trying out new cuisines. When I save money, I always go buy one of my favorite meals.After all you only live once and it's best to treat yourself from time to time. Here are my 5 cravings that I want you to try out till you living:

#1 Emirates Business Class Meal:

The best meal i ever had. It's even more delicious than 5 star hotel. Flying with emirates?, better go through business class next time.
Anyway, here is what I ate there:
*Pan fried salmon, with mashed sweet potatoes & veggies.
*Mix of fruit salad & chicken tikka.
*Three different types of bread with butter.
*For dessert I ate cheese cake with blue berry sauce &
godiva chocolate.

Everything was just yum but  it gets better,
especially when you have breakfast too:
My breakfast experience was amazing,
I ate:

*Fruit salad with Parmesan bread with butter
*Later, I ate cheese omelette with sausage, chicken steak, tomato sauce & crispy fries
*Lastly, for dessert they give me big basket full of different types of chocolate bread & cupcakes to choose from I picked this yum dark chocolate cupcake
Had very much fun sleeping in big chairs & comfortable pillows. loved my experience.
Thank you Emirates for making my trip comfy and fun!.

#2 Popsicles:

I love Popsicle & ice lollies. My favorite is Jet sport by walls. It's orange flavored, i can have dozens of them in a day. Have not tried that yet? you should!.

#3 London Fish & Chips:

I love fries & fish. The best part about london fish & chips is the delicious cream sauce dipping they give along with your ordered snack. I have this snack whenever I visit Dubai. 

#4 Candy Maneuver:

This might sound crazy. But I have a sweet tooth. I love marshmallows, jellies, chocolates & sweets. I always go for candy shopping spree with my best friend & buy bag full of sweet treats. My favorite chocolate is kitkat chunky duo. I love the thickness of crispy kitkat layer you get with every bite of it.

My Candy Tip: Go out & buy bunch yourself, you will love it fendis!.

#5  Jungle Juice:

The most refreshing experience I had was grabbing one of these sugar cane juices. They freshly make fruit juices in front of you. You can find this is Dubai at Jungle juice.

Thanks for checking out my cravings!.


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