Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inspirations and Ideas: Eggshells Edition!

Growing up , we had tradition at home painting eggs on every Eid. It's funny how many more ideas exist today, I never knew about decoupage technique at that time. Thanks to pinterest and Google, we can search thousands of ideas within few seconds. But more than "just idea", you need to have skills of doing good research. I really hate too common ideas stepping in market. Be bold, share new ideas always. Here are some cool egg shell ideas you can try on this Easter:

#1 Paint Em Cute:

I love the way the little chick looks like.
So damn cute. Paint one like it x>?.


#2 Grow miniature Plants:

I wonder if this would really work out eventually when plants
will grow bigger they will need to be shifted into
bigger containers i guess. Cool thought though
for recycling.


#3 Embellished:

First thought came in head looking at these,
"wow so pretty x>". Use stickers &
ribbons for embellishment.


#4 Glitterfy Them:

German glue works best with
covering glitter layers on egg shells.


#5  Decoupage:

Got old paper napkin to throw?.
Cut out it's patterns & decoupage on eggs shells.


#6 Make Pop up Butterflies:

Just like popup cards or books. 
Fold butterfly print outs in two, paste them 
on egg shells. I love the vintage effect these
are giving x>.


#7 Family Photos On eggs:

These look so cute. Decoupage your family photos
on egg shells.^


#8 Decoupage Real Flowers:

Dried leaves and flowers can be decoupaged on eggs too x>
me likes.


#9  Message In Egg:

This could be cool idea to leave someone a secret message 
inside an egg. x>

Hope these might help you get started at trying out some ideas on Easter>.
thanks for checking,

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