Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mini Review: Garnier Pure Active Face Wash

Aren't candid and unplanned posts always so fun?. I just bought this new Garnier Pure Active Face Wash and decided to share my experience with you on first use:



The back of packaging claims it contains "Salicylic Acid" and charcoal ingredient which has purifying properties.


My Review:

On first use of this face wash I instantly felt refreshed. My skin felt clean. I love the extra foaming cream lather it forms when you are massaging the texture on face. Originally, the face wash is in grayish color depicting charcoal ingredient in nature. Normally, investing in a new face wash is a risk as you are not sure whether it will suit your skin or it won't. If your face is oily, acne ridden or prone to breakouts. I recommend you using Garnier Pure Active Face wash because honestly no other face wash give my skin a fresh and clean sensation other than this one. 

Rating: I give this face wash 5/5 stars ★★★★★

Availability/ Price:

It is easily available at all departmental/chemist stores including Shaheen Chemist, D-watson and Al-Latif. Also you can buy online from here. Price is : 499 rs.

Hope you enjoyed my mini review ;>.
I just posted it without any planning.

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