Friday, August 14, 2015

Selfie Attack # 6!

I have started scheduled selfie diaries on my facebook page here. Where I share everyday 1 new selfie of mine. I am a #selfieboss. Love taking self portraits and capturing little moments. Here are bunch of selfies I have not shared on blog ;>:



That's how I looked back then. Where the emo/punk rock culture was totally in during that time. I won't lie, I've been there done that ;>. I'll share more of cool snaps of mine which I never shared before.



During my Dubai trip, I was travelling through metro for first time so I took a snap of me before leaving. I do dress like that sometimes ;>.



Just a cute selfie going to chocolate cafe ;>.



My boxer and me :>. I took him with me to my maleficent shoot.



Before going to Suuri Ruoka Launch party. ;> . 



I tried glitter liner on my eyes. I like to keep my face natural. Never use any foundation/base. I only use base if it's a big event. Otherwise I never use anything on my face in my routine. Just a little blusher on cheeks and nothing much.

Thanks for checking out^ hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my selfies.

Now it's your turn  :).
Share your selfies with me by #diaryofseresha on insatgram.
I will feature my favorites on my account;>.


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