Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DIY: Glitter Photo Magic

Haha :>. Ok kill me now. because I have been such a lazy butt and not creating all these awesome ideas piled up in my notebook. But guess what?;>. Drama is over so here comes my diys. First stop I will show you how I remodified this 1969 vintage wearied out postcard. I wanted to add some spice to it. Check it out how you can make this within 20 minutes:


Things You will need:

  1. UHU Glue Tube
  2. Markers and Glitter Pens
  3. Powder Glitter
  4. Star Confetti
  5. Black Pointer Pens(not necessary)
  6. Any black and white photo


Step#1: Add uhu glue tube on hairs of Marilyn Monroe. Cover them all up and sprinkle glitter. I am doing it in this way, you can create any type of design if you want.

Step#2: Color up the coat using red marker(I picked red because it's matching with my red star confetti. Make sure your confetti matches the marker you will be using to filling up the shapes).


Step#3 and #4: Sprinkle, sprinkle and uhu glue and sprinkle more of red star confetti till it covers the whole coat. (Ok you got the idea right?. i don't have to tell you how it's done or do i have to? xp).



Great news I am selling this post card on my instagram shop ;> for 300 Rs. only(3$). You can buy it if you don't want to get your fingers messy with glue. 

Thank you boys and girls for checking out my this Diy. Hope you enjoyed and got your creative juices flowing^.

Saoirse Chic

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